Whether it’s a special project, on-site servicing, or an isolated issue that needs resolving, our experts can offer you a custom solution to strengthen your human resources function. 

We have a variety of workflow options available to serve a wide-range of client needs and regularly work with companies to tailor our services to their situation.

On-Site Servicing

Getting daily HR processes and mandatory reports completed without having the resources or bandwidth for a full time HR employee is a common struggle for small- to medium-sized businesses. BST can provide fractional on-site services and expertise to help keep your HR function running smoothly. We can help implement payroll processes, time and attendance, assist in the administration of 401k by providing a summary of deferrals, administer Section 125 plan to ensure compliance, and provide expertise for worker’s compensation and short-term disability.

Special Projects

Whether it’s developing an employee handbook or recommending the best delivery of payroll and benefits to your employees, BST can work with your business to implement a policy or procedure and develop a custom solution to address a specific need.  

Isolated Issues

We work with clients on an as needed basis for employee relations issues such as individual discipline and termination cases. We assist clients in progressive discipline procedures that are directed towards behavior change and provide the appropriate documentation if termination becomes an issue.