CMO for Hire


Susan Radzyminski
CMO and Leader CMO for Hire

Ignite your business plan with brand and marketing strategy.

CMO for Hire provides strategic brand and marketing consulting services to organizations lacking in-house, senior level marketing expertise or in need of improving marketing and business development performance. Our consultative approach allows you to select the solutions you need to succeed for short-term or long-term initiatives, from market campaigns to brand development and strategic marketing planning. The benefits include access to senior level, specialized professionals with a successful track record at a fractional cost of hiring this level of talent in-house. CMO for Hire becomes part of your leadership team to guide you through your marketing planning process. Whether you need to fill temporary gaps in your organization or elevate your marketing performance, we provide a solution to meet your needs.


Collaborative and customized to meet your needs.

We work together to assess your current initiatives and performance, understand your vision and goals for the future, and develop a path forward to ignite your brand and develop the marketing strategy and tools to achieve your vision and goals.


Our service includes a comprehensive assessment to help identify gaps and opportunities and results in a report that includes a strategic marketing plan with tactics, timeline, budget, and key performance metrics to help you measure results and your impact.


  •     Strategy provides the roadmap and focus to achieve your vision.
  •     Brand conveys your purpose and value and attracts the right people to your organization.
  •     Tactics are the actions that connect you with your target audience.
  •     Impact is the realization of intended results and return on investment.

Together, we build a powerful strategy and actionable plan, execute tactics, and measure results.

Matt Markham, Albany Medical Center

"Susan’s distinguished talents solidly positioned us to tell the Albany Med Health System story. Her leadership in collaborative brand development and stewardship united the marketing teams at four hospitals toward one identity and vision."

David Loucks, Hyman Hayes Associates

"Having BST as our fractional CMO has brought significant value to our company by providing high-level marketing and business development expertise without having the overhead associated with a full-time CMO position."