Accounting & Auditing


Paul L. Goetz


The BST audit team that we work with does their best to complete audit work without significantly interfering with our team's other responsibilities and work schedules.

Donna Renda, Gloversville-Johnstown Joint Wastewater

BST worked diligently to complete our annual audit in a timely manner considering the new regulations placed upon them during a pandemic.

John G. Eberle, Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, Inc. 

Ron, Ann and Lorin worked with us through the audit and were flexible with the adjusted work environment.  While they are always prepared to assist on the technical aspects it is also a pleasure to work with them.  I am pleased that the Audit Committee decided to continue our engagement for three more years.

Jack Mcnulty III, Village of Green Island

BST's knowledge of Green Island's operations makes for an efficient and time saving process.

Our accounting and auditing services extend...

Our accounting and auditing services extend far beyond the standard issuance of financial statements. We understand that well-organized, accurate, timely and meaningful financial information is the key to understanding your business operations and making informed decisions. 

BST's business advisory approach to audit services looks beyond basic accounting entries to underlying transactions and business systems. Substantial emphasis is placed on understanding each company's operations and fundamental business strategies. 


Our clients tell us...

Our clients tell us that they appreciate not just the end product that we produce, but the way we work with them to produce financial statements. Everything is driven by the deliverable deadline. We work backwards from there to ensure that the financial statements are ready prior to when required by the bank or stakeholder. We employ the most sophisticated auditing and accounting procedures and tools available today, including risk-assessment evaluations, auditing software, and tax return integration to make audits easier. When we see a problem, we seek practical and profitable solutions to systems and operational issues noted during the audit. The latest procedures, tools and certifications are implemented so clients always receive current, reliable information from their audit, regardless of its scope. 

Perhaps equally as important...

Perhaps equally as important, we perform our work in as unobtrusive a way as possible, preparing schedules and document requests during our planning process so a client can have all the necessary material available for us while we're in the field. Much of the work actually takes place while we're in the field so we can ask questions about anything we may encounter when we encounter it. In fact, typically, by the time our staff leaves the field, we are ready to issue a draft financial statement. 

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