Proven Process



Inefficient systems can cause companies to lose productivity, and could potentially be a security threat. Even if your company already uses a cloud-based accounting system, not every team is using it to its full potential. We bring our years of accounting, operations, and software experience to analyze a company’s current workflow and assess which steps must be taken to improve operations.



After our assessment, we provide recommendations for best practices which mitigate risk and increase efficiency across your entire organization, and smoothly transition your team from spreadsheet printouts to digital, secure systems.



In collaboration with your team, we build and implement new accounting and financial processes that fit your company. Your people know your business best, so we tap into their knowledge of your organization to ensure that our new plan works for you. We also offer continued supervision and support, if needed, as your team learns these new processes.


Managed Services

Once a cloud system is in place and running smoothly, we can then address your business’ specific challenges. We scale our management to what you need, whether that’s just quarterly advisory meetings or filling a full-service CFO or accountant position. When we take care of your financial operations, you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.


Your BST Controller utilizes dashboards like this when deploying our process to analyze your company’s financial operations and improve them for future growth.

virtual controller dashboard