Fraud and Financial Investigations

We assist in criminal and civil matters involving embezzlements, bankruptcy, breach of fiduciary duty, financial statement fraud, arson and fraud, business interruption, construction claims, bribery, corruption, larceny, misconduct, misappropriations, conflicts of interest, and organizational fraud, domestically and internationally.


Earnings Management Review – Earnings management becomes fraud when inappropriate accounting practices are used to manipulate financial results. Our staff has worked on a number of recent high profile earnings management cases and can help you to focus on the warning signs and how to prove it.


Electronic Discovery – Gaining access to and/or recovering electronic data can be daunting, especially if the data is needed for a legal matter. We can identify, recover, and preserve digital evidence and provide expert testimony on how the evidence was gathered.


Forensic Accounting – We perform financial investigatory services designed to disclose hidden assets or income, transferred assets, and identify transmuted or commingled assets.


Forensic Analysis of Tax Returns – Tax returns provide valuable information and often times disclose red flags and other financial discrepancies that may involve improper and fraudulent conduct. We can help you identify unknown assets, unreported income, related parties, and other financial anomalies.


Independent Private-Sector Inspector General Services – Vendors, contractors and/or their employees occasionally indulge in unethical conduct that can have dire consequences for a company. We recognize the importance of protecting a company’s reputation and can help in these circumstances. We have resources to monitor the contract to performance and to help ensure that they provide their services in an ethical manner.


Reconstruction of Financial Data – Financial documents frequently disappear, are destroyed in an effort to hide financial misappropriations, thefts or embezzlements, or sustain damage as a result of natural events. Our experts can reconstruct these records for pending litigation or in support of an indemnity claim.