Fraud Deterrence

Operational Reviews – The goal of an operational review is to help managers discharge their management responsibilities and improve profitability. Our experts study the business operations for the purpose of making recommendations about the economic and efficient use of resources, effective achievement of business objectives and compliance with company policies.


Fraud Risk Assessments – What is your organization doing to protect itself against unwanted scrutiny and to protect the interests of its shareholders? The court of public opinion can be very damaging; as a result, your corporate reputation may suffer irreparable harm, especially if you haven’t taken proactive measures to assess and mitigate these vulnerabilities. Our trained and experienced staff can help you discover and minimize the risk in your organization and help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud.


Internal Control Assessments – Are your controls functioning as intended? Our team of specialists assesses your internal control environment, including the internal controls and the internal audit department. This is done in an effort to help you determine whether your controls are operating as intended, if any controls are missing, and if the controls are achieving their desired intentions.


Data Mining and Data Integrity – Companies process voluminous amounts of financial information to support cash disbursements and other financial results, yet in many instances the supporting data is fraudulent. Our experts are familiar with data mining techniques that can detect bogus and/or suspicious numbers. We have developed and taught specialized data analysis training courses and have applied data mining techniques to identify fraud, inefficiencies, and questionable amounts on numerous occasions.


Internal Audit – Internal audits are a best practice for all businesses. More and more companies are reaching out to independent specialists to provide internal audit services. Our group of experienced forensic auditors has extensive experience conducting internal audits for private and public entities. We are available to help your organization reduce their business risks and help ensure your personnel are adhering to business practices and policies.


Development of Ethic Programs, Code of Conduct, and Fraud Response Plans – We design ethics policies, codes of conduct, and fraud response plans for organizations looking to ensure that their employees and vendors are aware of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. We also provide training and can help you establish programs to monitor compliance.


Monitoring – More and more governmental units, courts, and public companies are requiring corruption-prone industries to police themselves and address internal fraud issues. Our team of fraud specialists, former investigators, and certified public accountants has extensive experience in conducting integrity audits and developing programs to help contractors prevent and detect fraud.