Corporate Governance Services

Board Advisory and Education – Audit Committee and Corporate Board members are increasingly being held accountable for their negligence in the oversight of the financial reporting process, compliance with laws and regulations and risk management. Aggressive due diligence requires the assistance of financial experts who are trained to identify warning signs of malfeasance and/or evaluate the audit procedures conducted by your independent auditor. Our group of experts provides advisory and educational services that your board needs to protect the company and themselves.


Governance and Implementation Evaluation – Does your entity have a code of conduct, whistle blowing procedure and/or conduct periodic risk assessments? Sarbanes-Oxley and prudent business practices suggest these and other governance procedures to help ensure that internal controls aren’t overridden and to identify them in the event they are. Corporate directors can no longer argue that they acted diligently in carrying out their responsibilities if they failed to minimize the possibility of misconduct or set the appropriate tone. We can assist in developing and identifying best practices that will help you assess your governance responsibilities.